Josef_Alberss_DrawiJosef Albers’s Drawing Class, Black Mountain College, ca. 1939-1940ng_Class_Black_Mountain_College_ca_19391940

Josef Albers’s Drawing Class, Black Mountain College, ca. 1939-1940. From the back of the photograph: “left to right (incomplete listing): Charles Kessler (extreme left, hand on hip), Hope Stephens (in straight skirt and the saddle shoes), Betty Brett (leaning forward, standing in fron of male student with pencil behind his ear), Frances Kuntz (beside Brett), Dick Andrews (with pipe), Fred Stone (in front of Andrews), Mimi French (in dark sweater and light collar), Robert De Niro (hand on hip, moccasins), Bela Martin (t-shirt and sneakers), Martha McMillan (light plaid shirt and sneakers with dark socks), Harriet Englehardt (dark plaid shirt, light socks, standing on second and third steps), Rudolph Haase (sitting on banister).” Photograph likely taken at the Blue Ridge campus. Courtesy of Western Regional Archives.

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