Interview with Lisa Jalowetz Aronson

Designer Lisa Jalowetz Aronson (born April 18, 1920, in Prague) was a former student at Black Mountain College. She attended, among others, the music department of her father, the BMC teacher and conductor, Heinrich Jalowetz. After graduating Lisa Jalowetz Aronson moved to New York where she became an assistant to designers like Jo Mielziner and married Boris Aronson in 1945. Lisa Jalowetz Aronson died, aged 93, at her home in Nyack. In the interview she talks about her arrival, her personal experiences as well as the way of learning at Black Mountain College.+


These videos by Sigrid Pawelke are part of a long-term research project on the early performances at Black Mountain College foreshadowing the first happening by John Cage in 1952. Sigrid Pawelke is Professor for performance and art history at the School of Visual Arts in Aix-en-Provence and the author of «Influences of the Bauhaus stage in the USA» (Roderer Verlag 2005). She interviewed 16 former BMC students including the choreographers Anna Halprin and Yvonne Rainer. The research and the videos lead eventually to reenactments and a better understanding of the links between the Bauhaus and the performative experiments at Black Mountain College.